Old Domain Name VS New Domain Name

Buying a domain name can be tricky if you need to use the domain for your company website. There are several dos and don’ts and many if and buts, and you need to consider much of these to take your decision. If you do not consider the risk factors, and the chance factors, then you may end up picking a domain name, which would put your site’s reputation and image at stake.

Where the risk lies

The risk that involves in the picking up of old domain names is the history of that domain. If you are picking up some old domain name for your company, which some previous user has left, then you should check the domain history. In case you find that the domain was blacklisted by search engines or had any legal issues, or had some other problem in the past, you better keep off from the name, however apt it may seem to you for your company.

Why you should market the domain name well

If you buy the old domain name, then you must be 100 % sure that you would do ample marketing and optimization for your domain to associate and link the domain name with your company name strongly. You should try to erase off all records of the previous history of the domain from the minds of the internet users by publicizing the domain name intelligently against your company name. In case you do not do that, the old track record of the domain would bring bad luck to your company while the search engines would also be confused treating your company as another venture of the old domain owner.

When you buy a fresh new domain

To start afresh a good option is to buy a fresh new domain. In that case, the domain name would be devoid of any fishy bad history or without the traces of any old or current business of the previous owner. You will be able to start new with the domain, while marketing it solely and clear mindedly for your company. You will own the new domain, and therefore may plan to market or optimize it as per your wishes.

Below are some examples of old expired website domains that is available as of writing this article.


Story behind cheap domain names

If you see that a domain registration site is giving away cheap domains for sale, and those are really too cheap, then beware. Saving some money here, may cost you later, if the domain you buy from the sale turns out to be an old blacklisted or tainted domain.

With old domains, it always takes you time to link it to your business and company, and erasing away old records of the domain with all bad things is not at all easy. Hence, if you have the resources and chances to get a fresh new domain for your company, then you should better try it first. This will save a lot of your effort in the longer run, and will help your site and domain both grow well, while the site adopts the fame of the online presence, or the domain molded into an online branch of the famous offline business.

Domain Name Vs Company Name – Why It is Important

If your company website is breathing fresh and new on the cloud, and you are counting the initial days of your online presence after starting new with your newly made company website, then you will have a thousand questions invading your mind every moment. One such question would be the relation of the company name with the website name or domain name, and you can be pretty confused initially about the similarities and differences.

Function of a company website

Well your company website is just the face of your company or your products and services online, and has a deep relation to the company while being its representative online. Most company websites are kind of a virtual store online that sells the same products online which the company sells in the retail market physically.

Function of the website name and relation with the company

The website name which is used by users online to identify and open the website in their browser is a unique online address of the website, which is not changeable and stays permanent till the time you want it to be. This name may or may not have a relation with your company name in real, and this is never legally questionable. It depends totally on the owner of the business or company, whether they want the website to carry the same company name, or want it to operate under another name. It hardly matters.

One big reason for that is the non-availability of website names in random. Often companies do not get the exact name they need for their company website while they search for a suitable name at the time of buying domains. This results in the choosing of different yet similar name for the website, which may or may not match the company name. This issue is quite common, and can be dealt in different ways.

The parts in a domain name

Website names come in two parts, one- the domain part, and next is the extension part, like: Google.com, where “Google” is the name and “.com” is the extension. While the domain name may be the same, the extensions change as per the purpose of the website, and hence a domain name booked with a different extension than the popularly used concept of “.com” can give a company the exact company named website, like- “Company.com”, “Company.net”, “Company.biz”, “Company.org” etc. Here all these domains are different, and though the website names are the same, the extension makes each domain unique, and a different entity.

Therefore if you want a website name which will match your company name, you may choose any extension that is available and suits your purpose with the website name, so that you get a suitable company website name.

A website forming a company

Websites which come to business in the reverse order have an advantage. If a website exists without a physical company, and after the success of the web presence, the organization or person wants to formulate a physical real company, then they can formulate the company name on the website name, and here the two names will match helping in branding directly.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Domain Name

When you have decided o make a website of your own, for your business, organization or company, then the first thing you will need is a domain name. The domain name, will be your website’s name, and will be the unique identity of your website while being the face of your company representing it online. Hence, this name has to be chosen carefully, while giving the name lots of importance.

What holds you from buying a new non-owned domain?

It’s not always possible that you search for a domain name, and get it blank, new, available and ready to buy. In most cases it does not happen. With the rapidly increasing number of websites, names get booked faster than you can ever think. Not only that, but the buying and selling of domain names is a much practiced profession and money making technique. Sellers first buy and take the ownership of domains which have the chances of being in demand later or sooner, and then when a buyer approaches, they quote any exorbitant price for the domain. The buyer who badly needs the name for hiss company or business website sometimes gets compelled to buy the exact name.

The other way round

Often buyers try and find some other ways to avoid paying such a high price for the needed domain. The commonly practiced method is to use some other domain name extension than the commonly used commercial extension of “.com”. There are many more options besides choosing a “.com” name. There are country specific extensions, where the abbreviation of the country is used in a form. There are other extensions like, biz, edu, net, org, gov, info and many more. Hence a user, who would like to get the same domain name for website as is in the company name, can choose to get so by choosing just any other extension with the domain.

What if you want to buy the exact .com domain for your company website

Sometimes website makers have a passion, need or preference for a “.com” extension only, and in those cases, one chooses the name which comes in pronunciation and looks, very close to the real company name. If that too can’t be availed because of strong competition, then any name which gives a look and feel of the company is chosen by the website owner.

This method is always cheap, as you compromise a little, and then buy a domain at its real cheap and reasonable price. However then, it depends upon you that how you market the domain, and optimize the site to get most of the desired traffic and link to your company name in the form of that domain name in future.

How to solve the issue

The crowd consists of both types of people; one who just needs any domain name at reasonable price to start a company website, and the one who need the exact named domain to brand the company better in future. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and you can’t omit the importance and significance of performing optimization and marketing steps for both. However, it’s always easy to start with a fresh domain, where the chances of name, history, or old conflicts never remain.

How Your Domain Name Portrays Your Business And Company

Okay, so you own a business or company, and now you need to launch it online! And, you are loaded with thousands of questions as to where you will start, how to do things, and how to understand the whole process of bringing a website online, which will showcase your business. Building an online presence is not that tough as it may look like to an amateur. On the contrary it’s pretty simple. The steps are easy; you buy a domain and hosting, you choose a content management system to input contents in your site, and voila! Your site is ready.

What is the buzz about?

Then why come so many people are talking globally and are endlessly getting into discussions regarding website making, domains and company names etc? That’s because people who are new to website building need to clear several confusions, before they start real on the platform. Hence, this article will give you an insight into domain names, relation of them with company names, and how you relate the two, and use them for your website.

What is a domain name?

Well, first of all you will have to understand what a domain name is actually. A domain name is a name which you use to call your website. We humans have names like Joan, Peter and Mary. Similarly websites also need to be addressed by a name which gives them a unique identity. The domain names are specifically website names. Google is the domain name of the search engine website Google.com, and likewise Yahoo is the domain name of the website Yahoo.com. Hence the domain name which you would choose for your site, based on its availability will be the name by which your site would be addressed, identified, and opened globally.

Each website has a unique domain name, and to open the website in a browser the domain name has to be typed in a specific format like, www.Example.com, and this will open that specific website in front of you.

Relation of domain name with company name

The availability of domain names is a big question, as this comprises of a lot of competition. The domain name you would like to book for your website may be approached for the same reasons by several other users from around the world, and then it becomes difficult to get a chosen name. However the success of your business lies on the choice of the name initially. The closer the domain name is to your business and company, the more related they will look, and will help you in future in the branding of your business.

How to buy an apt domain name

A company name and domain name may not completely match, but a related or close looking name would go well in most cases. In case you company is a big brand, or you are planning to brand its name sooner or later, you will have to get the exact domain name, and this is possible too when you shed a lot of money for it. You can buy exact domain names from their owners, as buying and selling of important domain names is a great popular business online.

In case you want just any good name for a cheap and reasonable price, you can simply buy a good name from any domain seller and register it at standard reasonable rates.

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