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Learn Bengali – Basic Conversations – Online 2018

Learn Bengali   With nearly 300 million total speakers, Bengali is one of the most spoken languages (ranking sixth) in the world. English-Bengali Key to abbreviations: (v-)inf = (very) informal, (v-)frm = (very) formal, sg = singular (said to one person), pl = plural (said to many people). English বাংলা (Bengali) Welcome স্বাগতম (Sbagôtôm) Hello (General greeting) নমস্কার (Nômôskar) – for Hindus আসসালামু আলাইকুম (Asôlamu alaikum) – for Muslims Hello (on phone) হ্যালো (Hyalo) How are you? (তুই) কেমন আছিস? ((Tui) kemôn achhish?) – v-inf sg (তোরা) কেমন আছিস? ((Tora) kemôn achhish?) – v-inf pl (তুমি) কেমন আছো? ((Tumi) kemôn achho?) – inf sg (তোমরা) কেমন আছো? …

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DurgaPuja Map Kolkata 2018 – Bengali & English Version

Want to visit all Durgapuja mandaps in Kolkata seamlessly then you must follow these maps. DurgaPuja Map Kolkata English Version   DurgaPuja Map Kolkata Bengali Version       DurgaPuja Dates 2018 Download Mahalaya 

DurgaPuja Dates 2019 Kolkata

Durga Puja Dates 2019 Durga Puja is one of the biggest festivals in India. And is most celebrated by Bengalis and West Bengal peoples. It Is almost like Christmas in town During Durga Puja. Here is the list of Most anticipated dates of 2019 for Bengalis. Mahalaya                                        29 th September MahaPanchami                               3rd October MahaSasthi                                    …

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Apply PAN Card from CSC : A 2020 Guide ( List of Documents + Download )

Hello friends, all of you are welcome once again in our article, the topic of today’s article is how can we download Pan Card i.e. if your Pan Card is lost! Because Pan Card is a Permanent Account Number issued by the Income Tax Department, which is also valid as a type of Indian government-issued ID card, so this is a very important document, so keep your Pan Card very safe because of it Very important document! This is very important otherwise you will have to apply pan again to get your Pan Card again, which may take about 10 …

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