Basic Domain Tips

Domain name is very crucial for any site. It’s like the identity for any site. These days due to boom in domain reselling most of the premium domain names have already been registered. Even 3-4 word domains without any meaning have been registered and are being sold for $$$.

So what are the factors that determine the price of any domain. In other words, how to analyze or appraise any domain name. One thing I make to clear before getting in deep, that domain appraisal is highly subjective. The domain name that you may think worth $1000+ may be worth $100 only in appraiser’s view. On the other hand some interested party may be willing to pay you $10000+ for same domain. In short, the price of the domain is mainly determined by the need of the person.

Now lets see some general factors determining any domains value…..

I. TLD (i.e. the extension of domain) –

Its the most important of all the factors. Obviously .com doamin can get you more price than other TLD’s like .net, .org,.info,.biz, etc. for same keyword. Also there were some news that .info domains are considered as spams by some search engines hence not indexed higher in SERP’s.

II. Length of domain –

Next comes the length of the domain. Short domains are worth more than longer domains. According to some webmasters 3 words .com domain can get you $1000+.

III. Keyword

The keyword is the domain name itself, i.e. in , google is the keyword. Obviously a good keyword means more $$$. Meaningful domains, especially the dictionary words can get you more value than non-dictionary words. As compared to 4 word meaningless domain 8-9 words meaningful domain will get more value.

IV. Singular or Plural –

This varies, but mostly singular domains can get more value than plural.

V. Brandable –

Now if you have a non-dictionary word domain, but it is brandable then you can get more $$$ comparatively. The biggest example for this is , where google does not have any dictionary meaning.

So these are few factors which can help you in analyzing your domain and let you know “how much is it worth”.

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