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Blogging Tips For Beginner

  • You should make the essential strategies before starting your blog.
  • Choose a blogging niche in which you are expert in writing. This is the significant decision in your blogging career.
  • You must register a simple and easy domain name that must be recalled by most of the people easily. It should be nearly about 8-12 characters at maximum.
  • Choose a reliable and efficient web hosting package to host your website.
  • You must choose WordPress as CMS for your blogging as it is the best user-friendly CMS till now.
  • You must select a fast loading WordPress theme.
  • You should now some SEO tactics to improve the popularity of your website.
  • Write unique content. Do not copy from any other source.
  • You should make a great network around your blog niche. This will improve the online presence of your blog effectively.
  • Do not start another blog instead post the article regularly on your blog. Keep updating it on regular basis every day.
  • To increase the traffic to your blog you should start up with guest posting or blog commenting on some other blogs of same niche or related niche.
  • Set up simple goals and work hard to achieve them.
  • You should try to make up topics on your own rather than getting topics from another blog.
  • Build a new mail list so that the subscriber to your blog is updated regularly about the new post.
  • Keep your post simple and easy to understand by the readers.
  • Solve the problems of your readers by discussing with them on comments.
  • Ask for the opinions of the readers about your post and also ask them to rate it.
  • Try to build a backlink of your blog on other blogs of the same niche to derive traffic.
  • Be calm and patient as blogging is not an overnight success.
  • Use premium themes on your blog and try to make your blog SEO friendly.
  • Reply to every comment on your blog.
  • Do not ever put too much widget on your blog. It seems quite disturbing sometimes.
  • Try to use a little number of advertisements on your blog as possible.
  • Never copy the images and content from another blog rather try to re-edit them completely and then publish to your blog.
  • Add some useful pages to your blog like privacy, home, about me etc.
  • You should wait for the results and never quit working on your blog.


Follow these steps and see a drastic change in your blogging career. But your patience is equally required to see the growth.

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