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Why You Should Not Trust Dedicated Web Hosting Review Sites

Having your own website is very important these days. It can be used to earn money online or to promote your business. Now to host your site you need some Web Hosting Company which are in plenty today. So, how to choose a suitable host for your site from thousands available. No worries there are many Web Hosting Review sites available for your help. But did you ever think whether these review sites are genuine? If you Google for “Web Hosting Reviews” you will a long list of sites providing starred reviews, often arranged in ‘best on top’ pattern. But …

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Difference Between Shared Hosting & Managed WordPress Hosting

I would like to thank you for landing here to read the differences between the shared  Web Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting. WordPress is a cozy content management system that totally surpasses its competitors like Joomla and Drupal. And the reason that it has marvelous features like 1. Easy to learn and set up everything 2. Suitable for almost all types of websites like e-learning, online stores, forums, review based, photography and fashion sites (Plugins do magic) 3. Higher search engine ranking potential (Performing SEO is easy) 4. Responsive templates to make the mobile-handy site 5. Supports multi-language features and …

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How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

I’ve had cause to inspect quite a few WordPress websites over the past few weeks, and what I’ve noticed about many of them is that their page load speeds are just too slow. Rather than the 1.5 to 2 second load times I see as the maximum load times acceptable, many of these sites were taking up to 10 to 15 seconds to load, and that’s just not going to work. Most potential website visitors will abandon websites that take more than five seconds to load. Further, when it comes to your Google search rankings, Google rewards fast-loading websites with …

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What is Managed Hosting

Choosing the best hosting service for your site is not an easy task. Hundreds of hosting companies claim that they offer unlimited bandwidth and support at a cheap price; don’t trust their convincing words just for the sake of selling. You should have it in mind that the quality of web hosting is expensive but it is worth investing money in it. Such kind of superior hosting service would let your business grow rapidly and you can stay hassle free from technical glitches. I believe that you have heard about Managed hosting type and thus you have landed here to …

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Web Hosting Beginners Guide

What is web hosting? Whenever you visit a website, what you see on your web browser is essentially just a web page that is downloaded from the web server onto your web browser. In general, a website is made up of many web pages. And a web page is basically composed of texts and graphic images. All these web pages need to be stored on web servers so that online users can visit your website. Therefore, if you plan to own a new website, you will need to host your website on a web server. When your website goes live …

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