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301 Redirect Detailed Guide

To skip the technical jargon, a 301 redirect is a web code that redirects one webpage or website to another. Web designers use them all the time. If a you need to change the name of your website domain, a subfolder or even a single webpage, a URL redirect is how you change the name without losing all your hard earned traffic. There are multiple types of URL redirects. The way these are broken down is Redirect Type – Brief Translation – Benefits – Search Engine Directions. 301 – Moved Permanently – Passes link equity and saves PageRank – Use new URL …

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Top 8 WordPress Plugins For News Sites

Do you want to know how to create a news website in WordPress? If yes, you are in the right place to get the details of the best WordPress plugins for News sites that could give a feel like a stunning newspaper website. As WordPress has incredible flexibility and could offer the best user experience for the site readers, it remains as the best content management system for online publishers. Having the core functionalities and vast editorial options are the other positive qualities of WordPress. Besides, Plugins and Themes do magic here! Yes, you can make almost any kind of …

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How To Keep Visitors On Your Blog

Do you know that most blog visitors don’t come to your site through the home page? Sure, if they’re referred by a direct link to the home page, that’s where they’ll arrive. That isn’t how we get most of our traffic though.  Many arrive from search engines to an internal page, landing on a single post on your blog. We want these visitors to click around and investigate other content on our site and decide they like us, right? If they like us, hopefully they subscribe to our mailing list, follow us on social media or click on one of …

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10 Essential WordPress Plugins 2019

WordPress has thousands of plugins that you install on your blog for free. These range from very specific plugins that do one thing only, to larger plugins that provide extensive functionality in a certain area. With so many plugins available, it’s hard to know which ones are good, and it’s all too easy to forget one of the really important ones. This list is here to help! So, what are the 10 plugins I find essential for my blogs? 1. Advanced Custom Fields I love this plugin! Some of the things I’ve used it for include: showing a “Tip Box” …

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Writing Is Not Blogging

More and more print writers are publishing their content online, but when they start touting themselves as bloggers… I cringe and cannot help feeling a bit resentful.  A brilliant writer does not necessarily a brilliant blogger make. For three years I blogged professionally for a top producer of Port wine, so it was absolutely incumbent on me to blog for results – to bring in regular readers, to raise the profile of the blog and our brand on the internet, and hopefully, ultimately, to change readers’ buying habits to favor our products. Writing vs. Blogging So, what is the difference …

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