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“This Account Has Been Suspended” – Fixed

So you wake up this morning and found your website is offline this message on your website saying that “This Account Has Been Suspended” -“Please contact your hosting provider”. So what’s gonna happen now? What can be Done? Did I lose my entire website? A lot of question may race through your mind during this time but there is nothing to panic about it Just follow this article and your website will be up and running in no time. So what does this mean? It simply means that your web hosting provider suspended your website temporarily and will restore the …

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Best Web Hosting India 2019

What are Shared Web Hosting Plans? A: A shared web hosting plan is a variant of web hosting services that give server assets to several different web sites. Shared web server resources are divided and shared between plan holders. Each one is allocated a certain amount with which they can utilize to build and maintain their sites. Shared web hosting is the least expensive type of hosting plan. This is because the hosting companies do not have to pay for extra web servers in order to provide hosting to a larger number of clients – and the savings are passed …

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How to Start A Blog in 2019

Having a blog is quite common these days and if you are still not sure about it then my only suggestion is to get one like this. Making a blog is very easy these days as you need to follow very few steps. In this guide, you will learn how to create your blog using easy to understand, non-jargon, step by step tutorials and courses that you can complete at your own pace and seek advice when you feel the need. What do I Need To Start My Blog There are two elements you need to begin your own Blog, …

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Is Your Blog Informative or a Blogmercial?

Many who start a blog, do so to make money. As a result, money often becomes the focus of the blog. They place ads in the header, sidebar and within or between posts. They do paid reviews. They continuously search for money-making options that can be added to to the site. The problem is that too often, these blogs lose start looking like the Las Vegas strip and stop providing value to readers. People who read blogs do so to get information, advice or to be entertained. While they don’t mind reviews or ads, they don’t want to be sold …

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Blogging Tips For Beginner

You should make the essential strategies before starting your blog. Choose a blogging niche in which you are expert in writing. This is the significant decision in your blogging career. You must register a simple and easy domain name that must be recalled by most of the people easily. It should be nearly about 8-12 characters at maximum. Choose a reliable and efficient web hosting package to host your website. You must choose WordPress as CMS for your blogging as it is the best user-friendly CMS till now. You must select a fast loading WordPress theme. You should now some …

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