How Your Domain Name Portrays Your Business And Company

Okay, so you own a business or company, and now you need to launch it online! And, you are loaded with thousands of questions as to where you will start, how to do things, and how to understand the whole process of bringing a website online, which will showcase your business. Building an online presence is not that tough as it may look like to an amateur. On the contrary it’s pretty simple. The steps are easy; you buy a domain and hosting, you choose a content management system to input contents in your site, and voila! Your site is ready.

What is the buzz about?

Then why come so many people are talking globally and are endlessly getting into discussions regarding website making, domains and company names etc? That’s because people who are new to website building need to clear several confusions, before they start real on the platform. Hence, this article will give you an insight into domain names, relation of them with company names, and how you relate the two, and use them for your website.

What is a domain name?

Well, first of all you will have to understand what a domain name is actually. A domain name is a name which you use to call your website. We humans have names like Joan, Peter and Mary. Similarly websites also need to be addressed by a name which gives them a unique identity. The domain names are specifically website names. Google is the domain name of the search engine website, and likewise Yahoo is the domain name of the website Hence the domain name which you would choose for your site, based on its availability will be the name by which your site would be addressed, identified, and opened globally.

Each website has a unique domain name, and to open the website in a browser the domain name has to be typed in a specific format like,, and this will open that specific website in front of you.

Relation of domain name with company name

The availability of domain names is a big question, as this comprises of a lot of competition. The domain name you would like to book for your website may be approached for the same reasons by several other users from around the world, and then it becomes difficult to get a chosen name. However the success of your business lies on the choice of the name initially. The closer the domain name is to your business and company, the more related they will look, and will help you in future in the branding of your business.

How to buy an apt domain name

A company name and domain name may not completely match, but a related or close looking name would go well in most cases. In case you company is a big brand, or you are planning to brand its name sooner or later, you will have to get the exact domain name, and this is possible too when you shed a lot of money for it. You can buy exact domain names from their owners, as buying and selling of important domain names is a great popular business online.

In case you want just any good name for a cheap and reasonable price, you can simply buy a good name from any domain seller and register it at standard reasonable rates.

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