Domain Name Vs Company Name – Why It is Important

If your company website is breathing fresh and new on the cloud, and you are counting the initial days of your online presence after starting new with your newly made company website, then you will have a thousand questions invading your mind every moment. One such question would be the relation of the company name with the website name or domain name, and you can be pretty confused initially about the similarities and differences.

Function of a company website

Well your company website is just the face of your company or your products and services online, and has a deep relation to the company while being its representative online. Most company websites are kind of a virtual store online that sells the same products online which the company sells in the retail market physically.

Function of the website name and relation with the company

The website name which is used by users online to identify and open the website in their browser is a unique online address of the website, which is not changeable and stays permanent till the time you want it to be. This name may or may not have a relation with your company name in real, and this is never legally questionable. It depends totally on the owner of the business or company, whether they want the website to carry the same company name, or want it to operate under another name. It hardly matters.

One big reason for that is the non-availability of website names in random. Often companies do not get the exact name they need for their company website while they search for a suitable name at the time of buying domains. This results in the choosing of different yet similar name for the website, which may or may not match the company name. This issue is quite common, and can be dealt in different ways.

The parts in a domain name

Website names come in two parts, one- the domain part, and next is the extension part, like:, where “Google” is the name and “.com” is the extension. While the domain name may be the same, the extensions change as per the purpose of the website, and hence a domain name booked with a different extension than the popularly used concept of “.com” can give a company the exact company named website, like- “”, “”, “”, “” etc. Here all these domains are different, and though the website names are the same, the extension makes each domain unique, and a different entity.

Therefore if you want a website name which will match your company name, you may choose any extension that is available and suits your purpose with the website name, so that you get a suitable company website name.

A website forming a company

Websites which come to business in the reverse order have an advantage. If a website exists without a physical company, and after the success of the web presence, the organization or person wants to formulate a physical real company, then they can formulate the company name on the website name, and here the two names will match helping in branding directly.

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