Old Domain Name VS New Domain Name

Buying a domain name can be tricky if you need to use the domain for your company website. There are several dos and don’ts and many if and buts, and you need to consider much of these to take your decision. If you do not consider the risk factors, and the chance factors, then you may end up picking a domain name, which would put your site’s reputation and image at stake.

Where the risk lies

The risk that involves in the picking up of old domain names is the history of that domain. If you are picking up some old domain name for your company, which some previous user has left, then you should check the domain history. In case you find that the domain was blacklisted by search engines or had any legal issues, or had some other problem in the past, you better keep off from the name, however apt it may seem to you for your company.

Why you should market the domain name well

If you buy the old domain name, then you must be 100 % sure that you would do ample marketing and optimization for your domain to associate and link the domain name with your company name strongly. You should try to erase off all records of the previous history of the domain from the minds of the internet users by publicizing the domain name intelligently against your company name. In case you do not do that, the old track record of the domain would bring bad luck to your company while the search engines would also be confused treating your company as another venture of the old domain owner.

When you buy a fresh new domain

To start afresh a good option is to buy a fresh new domain. In that case, the domain name would be devoid of any fishy bad history or without the traces of any old or current business of the previous owner. You will be able to start new with the domain, while marketing it solely and clear mindedly for your company. You will own the new domain, and therefore may plan to market or optimize it as per your wishes.

Below are some examples of old expired website domains that is available as of writing this article.


Story behind cheap domain names

If you see that a domain registration site is giving away cheap domains for sale, and those are really too cheap, then beware. Saving some money here, may cost you later, if the domain you buy from the sale turns out to be an old blacklisted or tainted domain.

With old domains, it always takes you time to link it to your business and company, and erasing away old records of the domain with all bad things is not at all easy. Hence, if you have the resources and chances to get a fresh new domain for your company, then you should better try it first. This will save a lot of your effort in the longer run, and will help your site and domain both grow well, while the site adopts the fame of the online presence, or the domain molded into an online branch of the famous offline business.

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