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Top 8 WordPress Plugins For News Sites

Do you want to know how to create a news website in WordPress? If yes, you are in the right place to get the details of the best WordPress plugins for News sites that could give a feel like a stunning newspaper website.

As WordPress has incredible flexibility and could offer the best user experience for the site readers, it remains as the best content management system for online publishers.

Having the core functionalities and vast editorial options are the other positive qualities of WordPress. Besides, Plugins and Themes do magic here!

Yes, you can make almost any kind of websites like E-learning site, Corporate site, News site, Forums and much more with this fantastic CMS tool.

So, if you have decided to build the news based website with WordPress or already created the same, then I would say that you have made the right decision in installing the excellent content management application.

Do you know that the top news bulletin sites, The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal have been built with WordPress? Amazing, isn’t it?

Yeah, WordPress is ideal for news based websites as its functionalities can be extended by the suitable plugins. I assume that you need is to know and get the best WordPress Plugins for news sites and thus, you’re here!

To fulfill your necessity, let me consolidate some of the top WordPress Plugins for publishing your magazine based website.

Top 8 WordPress Plugins For News Sites

In general, the news websites use the attractive layout and add-ons to present the news bits in a logical way and try to grab the huge eyeballs towards them.

You may consider installing the following WordPress news Plugins to offer easy access to your readers and hence they would easily get the information that you have provided on your site.

1. News Announcement Scroll


News Announcement Scroll is an excellent News Plugin for WordPress sites to offer the significant notices and upcoming events for your site audience. It is an easy-to-use plugin that has several features like

  • News expiration date setup
  • Add unlimited news
  • Scroll direction customization
  • News order prioritization
  • Create/Edit Groups for news
  • Temporary news hide option and much more

Till now, this news and events plugin for WordPress has 9000 + installations and earned positive reviews from the users.

2. WP-Polls


If you want to improve the interaction and feedback of your visitors, then WP-Polls is the best news plugin for WordPress to display the polls and its results on your sidebar or footer of your magazine based website.

There is no doubt that it will encourage your audience to take part in the survey since it has the qualities like

  • Highly customizable Via CSS
  • Supports multiple answer choices
  • Tons of options to run the post as you wish

This WordPress Poll Plugin has been installed by 100,000 + users and received a good rating from them.

You may also install Yop poll WordPress plugin that boasts the similar features of WP polls.

3. Ditty News Ticker


Ditty News Ticker is a well suitable WordPress plugin for news based site as it possesses the multi-functional data display feature. You can easily add custom news tickers to your site. It has the following features

  • Three default ticker modes (Scroll, Rotate & List)
  • Include tickers through shortcodes, direct functions or widget
  • Additional ticker types available in the paid version

It had 30,000 active installs till now and obtained a remarkable evaluation from the installers.

4. Organize Series


In general, news sites have countless articles and managing them is a big task. If the need perfect assistance in organizing and presenting the posts to make it easier for your visitors to find out the content they are looking for. It has some best features such as

  • Allows to write a series of posts and have them automatically linked together
  • Possible to customize the archive page for series
  • Potential to create a page that lists all the series available

This article managing plugins had 4,000 + installs and acquired good feedback from the users.

5. WP Frontpage News


If you want to display your news content in a dynamic way, then you should install WP Frontpage News plugin. This freebie automatically formats the content as per your requirement.

You can showcase a huge piece of content in a limited place and nudge your readers’ focus only on the data that you have offered. It has a few brilliant features like

  • Display a news carousel on the homepage
  • Unlimited Latest posts instances
  • Full customizable news template
  • Include news blocks in the content editor with a button
  • Display as the sidebar widget
  • Pick the number of columns, elements, and pages in a news block
  • Limit the total number of displayed news items
  • Select image source
  • Add custom margins around images
  • Supports WordPress default themes and custom themes & styling

Its current install count is 6,000 + right now, and ratings are quite good.

6. WP News And Scrolling Widgets


WP News And Scrolling Widgets are one of the top WordPress plugins for news websites as it allows you to display and manage the news in a consistent manner.

This responsive plugin is fully customizable and easy to install. Following are the few notable features of this new WordPress plugin.

  • Supports Multilanguage, Multiple layouts & Google Fonts
  • 3 Featured Posts Grid and slider design
  • Options to show date, category, full & short content
  • Includes list view

You will get extra features in this paid version of WP news plugin. It often gets the update and reached 10, 000 + installation as of now.

7. Issuem


If you want to convert your WordPress site into a digital issue publishing platform, then IssueM would be a perfect choice for you. This WP news plugin can bring the issue-based publishing model to the web which would give a less-frantic, well-ordered reading experience for your readers. Its best features are provided below!

  • Build issues
  • Create articles & allocate articles to particular issues
  • Publish an issue (and all included articles) at one time
  • Display past issues and a current-issue article list (using a widget)
  • Allow readers to search for content
  • Choose featured articles to be displayed in a rotating article showcase
  • Present issues with an attractive ready-to-go (yet customizable) issue table of contents page

Thousands of users have downloaded this news management plugin.

8. News Manager


News Manager is the latest news plugin for WordPress free download that would let you add, handle and demonstrate news on your site in a smart way. Some of its salient features are as follows!

  • Simple to configure
  • Easily integrates into any theme
  • Supports Yearly, Monthly, and Daily Archives
  • Ajax News Calendar
  • News Categories & Tags
  • Custom permissions for News
  • 5 News widgets
  • Compatible with WPML & Polylang
  • .pot file for translations added

At the time of writing this post, this WordPress news management plugin has attained 4,000+ installs.

Apart from adding the best WordPress plugins for news sites, make sure that you have installed the must-have WordPress Plugins to perform better.

Final Words about WordPress News Plugins

“Without having the right extensions, there is no use in publishing the modish news.”

If you’re a dedicated WordPress user who would like to build a news site or already owns a magazine site to circulate the trendy news, make sure that you have opted the tempting WordPress theme to form a supportive community for your site.

Also, consider installing the excellent WordPress plugins for news sites that I have listed in the post and offer a high-quality browsing experience to your visitors.

As these extensions could improve the functionality of your news site, you could stand out from the crowd by performing well on search engines.

So, what is your priceless opinion about the best plugins that you need to create a news website with WordPress? Are you using any other useful plugin for your magazine based site?

Does it make your CMS available with exceptional usability? Leave your great viewpoints and experiences in the comment section below.

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