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Why This WebSite Started

Make $10 Per Day

Welcome to the Natty’s Blog !

Hello World. This is my first post and I am happy to let you know that this site made this far because of reddit.

I am part-time blogger.Well I started blogging 2 months ago with Github Pages.

Github Pages provides you the option of having your own blog own using custom domain, but there are some limitations out there so I preferred hosting it on somewhere else and using wordpress for my blog engine.

I hope you will return often as we will be updating the content regularly.

My purpose with this blog is two-fold:

  1. To hopefully give you a bit of a head start that I didn’t have
  2. To get all my scattered expertise organized in one place

I have been actively working online since January of 2017. By profession I am a web developer. But as there are so many web designers out there and day by day its getting very hard to get enough clients.  I really wanted a career that would allow me to take some time off or travel without the problem of a physical practice that solely relied on me being present.

Internet is crowded with make money online website. Almost every blogger has a page where they wrote how they make thousands of Dollars per month from their blog. So is it easy making money online? If you are trying to make money online then you may already know adsense, freelancer, affiliate marketing,blogging and a lot other words that people are doing. And you tried them all and failed miserably because you succeeded then you should not be visiting this blog.

Here in this blog I am trying my best to learn and work my ass off to earn just $10 per day. Yes you read it right, not a million not 100k not thousand but just $10 per day. Actually $10 is not bad if you from India because with $300/month you can at least live your basic life here in India. And I will also share how I make $10 per day using various methods.

This blog will recount the things I have learned on the way to making an income from online marketing. I’ve tried to compartmentalize the different aspects of building an online business that earns money in an attempt to make it easier to navigate.

I want to give you honest appraisals of what worked for me and what didn’t. I have found that many of the top earners make their money by peddling courses and programs they have never even tried even though they’ll tell you that they’re the latest, greatest, secret, loophole “make money fast” programs. I’ve had instances of buying a program only to have them try to sell me another program from someone else only a day later.

So let’s keep it on the “up and up” here on this blog and I’ll make a promise to be perfectly honest with you if I ever promote or give a recommendation for a particular product. I’m hoping that we can gather some intel on programs I’ve not tried from my regular readers. Just be sure to comment or post in a professional manner.

Thanks and I look forward to your participation!

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