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Why You Should Use WordPress

In the modern era of the Internet, there are many ways to create a new website or blog. Most of these sites are made using a non-professional way through various CMS for creating sites. With the help of such CMS, it is possible to create a site based on ready-made tools without special knowledge in this area, in the form of a designer. Consider the uniqueness and advantages of such a CMS as WordPress. This program allows you to make a site based on a ready-made template, and there are thousands of different themes out there. Also, such a theme can be made by yourself. Some may say that WordPress is not the best of all CMS. For example, Drupal is a more professional and functional CMS, but for large scale Project. But the main advantage of WordPress is that most bloggers don’t need websites in the form of huge Internet portals or special web-based systems. That is, Why WordPress  allows you to create a Easy Business website  or blog. The fact is that the WP itself allows youto create a great website but you can also use a huge number of different add-ons, plug-ins, templates that enhance the uniqueness, functionality, inner beauty and convenience of your site, provide easier website promotion. You can find a huge number of plug-ins that will help improve the performance of the site and its functionality. Wordpress itself is popular because the administration of the site in this CMS does not create any particular difficulties. An inexperienced person can easily master the publication of articles and even customize the blog . Key features: simple installation and configuration; You can publish articles through third-party programs and services; supports basic web standards (XHTML, CSS, PHP); RSS, Atom, trackback, pingback are supported; easily and quickly changes the theme of the site; plug-ins (modules) freely interact with the code; CNC is present (human-readable URLs); there is a large community where you can get support, including in Russian; the fight against spam with a variety of plugins. However, you can talk about the benefits of WordPress for a long time, it is better to install it and try everything yourself 🙂

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