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Best Web Hosting India 2019

What are Shared Web Hosting Plans?

A: A shared web hosting plan is a variant of web hosting services that give server assets to several different web sites. Shared web server resources are divided and shared between plan holders. Each one is allocated a certain amount with which they can utilize to build and maintain their sites.

Shared web hosting is the least expensive type of hosting plan. This is because the hosting companies do not have to pay for extra web servers in order to provide hosting to a larger number of clients – and the savings are passed onto the webmaster.

Most novice webmasters will begin with shared web hosting because it is the least expensive and offers all of the fundamental needed to power a small to mid-sized web site.

What’s Reseller Web Hosting?

A: Basically, reseller web hosting is designed to offer you all of the necessary resources to begin your own independent web hosting service.

With reseller web hosting, resources are made available at wholesale prices, as well as all of the tools one will need in order to divide those resources into customized packages that can be sold to clients.
A reseller host has the diversity, and lack of restrictions, that are necessary to build web hosting plans that will produce a consistent income flow, every month.

A majority of reseller hosting plans come with the advanced tools needed for building professional hosting sites that can be used as an avenue to advertise your hosting services to new prospects.

If your goal is to design your own web hosting plan, then you may want to think about a reseller hosting plan.

What’s eCommerce Hosting?

A: eCommerce is a specific type of hosting that is created especially for online stores. eCommerce hosting plans provide all of the tools and resources one will need in order to build a lucrative store online.

A few of the things offered with eCommerce hosting plans are: payment processing abilities, shopping carts, and catalog builders. The vast majority of online stores use eCommerce web hosting to effectively keep track of billing and invoicing.

eCommerce hosting adds an aspect of simplicity when it comes to creating proficient stores, even with little to no previous experience or training. eCommerce allows you to create online retail storefronts that can easily contend with larger corporate stores. If you would like to increase your chances of having a successful online store, then eCommerce is the way to go.

What’s VPS Web Hosting?

A: VPS, or Virtual Private Server, is a hosting plan that divides a large web server and its resources between literally hundreds of sites at the same time, conveying enhanced performance to each web site. In contrast to shared hosting plans, VPS hosting plans come with wide ranging server resources and the ability to make adjustments to software and server configuration.

Often, VPS hosting is utilized by businesses or busy websites and is regarded as the ideal solution for those on a strict budget that need effective, yet inexpensive hosting. VPS hosting, when compared to dedicated hosting plans, does not differ much in terms of effectiveness. However, VPS is much more affordable and quite expandable, making it simple to upgrade if need be.

 What are Dedicated Hosting Plans?

Dedicated hosting plans allow you to lease a private server that is only utilized by your sites. Dedicated hosting is superior to shared hosting, in that it has less limitations and added features that are made available to its users.

A dedicated server gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, and it is rare to see the server’s resources depleted. Dedicated web hosting is regarded as the most powerful and sought after web hosting on the market. This is mainly because it is the only plan that allows you to lease your own private server, without sharing resources with any other website.

While it is quite a bit more expensive, with a dedicated server, hundreds of your own sites can be hosted at the same time without sacrificing one bit of functionality.

Regular Website Hosting

This is probably the most common type of web hosting. This type of web hosting gives you the flexibility to implement basic and advanced website features such as chat rooms, forums, online payment, photo galleries and much more.

Furthermore this type of hosting allows you to create your own website using an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver in HTML and CSS, if you are unsure about what type of hosting you require and you would like a website builder (where all the work is done for you) but you also want the flexibility of being able to create your own website later then Option 3 is the option for you.

Before I bombard you with a list of hosting packages, firstly I think it’s best to determine what you plan to do with your website and why you are creating one, so please read the brief points below and make a selection accordingly: –

Build Your Own From Scratch

Very similar to the above package (contains a lot of advanced features and functionality) but this package is great if you want to create your own website from scratch using an HTML Editor such as Dreamweaver or Coffee Cup. This was how this website was created.

Why HostGator

First, you must pick a hosting provider. Out of all of the options out there, we recommend HostGator for all of your hosting needs. Why? HostGator is perhaps one of the most reliable hosting services out there.  They guarantee that your site will have a 99.9% up-time, and no matter what plan you select, your site will have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited mySQL databases to work with (which becomes more important when operating multiple websites). Their prices are excellent and their hosting tech support is top notch. This is why out of all of the hosting providers out there, we recommend HostGator above them all.

To start setting up your HostGator account, click the banner below:

Clicking on this banner will open HostGator.com up in a new window/tab so that you can follow our instructions while going through the set-up process on their site.

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