Best Web Hosting India 2019

Regular Website Hosting

This is probably the most common type of web hosting. This type of web hosting gives you the flexibility to implement basic and advanced website features such as chat rooms, forums, online payment, photo galleries and much more.

Furthermore this type of hosting allows you to create your own website using an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver in HTML and CSS, if you are unsure about what type of hosting you require and you would like a website builder (where all the work is done for you) but you also want the flexibility of being able to create your own website later then Option 3 is the option for you.

Before I bombard you with a list of hosting packages, firstly I think it’s best to determine what you plan to do with your website and why you are creating one, so please read the brief points below and make a selection accordingly: –

Build Your Own From Scratch

Very similar to the above package (contains a lot of advanced features and functionality) but this package is great if you want to create your own website from scratch using an HTML Editor such as Dreamweaver or Coffee Cup. This was how this website was created.

Why HostGator

First, you must pick a hosting provider. Out of all of the options out there, we recommend HostGator for all of your hosting needs. Why? HostGator is perhaps one of the most reliable hosting services out there.  They guarantee that your site will have a 99.9% up-time, and no matter what plan you select, your site will have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited mySQL databases to work with (which becomes more important when operating multiple websites). Their prices are excellent and their hosting tech support is top notch. This is why out of all of the hosting providers out there, we recommend HostGator above them all.

To start setting up your HostGator account, click the banner below:

Clicking on this banner will open up in a new window/tab so that you can follow our instructions while going through the set-up process on their site.

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